What is VersaSpa?

VersaSpa sunless tanning products combine the latest in tanning technology with advanced skin care to rejuvinate skin cells and amplify the quality of your tan. They also oxygenate, detoxify, and moisturize your skin with a unique blend of green and brown marine algae.

The DHA in the VersaSpa spray solution reacts with the proteins in the outermost layer of your skin to create a flawless golden brown color. Your tan will develop gradually over a few hours, or you can add a bronzer for instant results.

Are the VersaSpa products safe for my skin?

VersaSpa tanning sprays are paraben free, gluten free, cruelty free, and non-comedogenic. They contain eco-certified sources of DHA and erythrulose as tanning agents. If you have sensative skin, we recommend you test a small area first to check for reactions. 

For a full list of ingredients, you can visit the VersaSpa site: http://www.versaspa.com/ingredients

How long does it take? How long will the tan last?

The actual tanning session only takes 90 seconds. Plan on being at the salon for about 20 minutes total. Your tan will develop gradually over several hours, so you can even come in on your lunch break before heading out for a special evening!

A VersaSpa spray tan will fade gradually over time through exfoliation, just like a natural tan. You can your tan to last for about 7 days, or more depending on the formulation you choose and your skin's condition.

You can extend the life of your tan with a variety of VersaSpa at-home products you can purchase at the salon. 

Swimming in chlorinated or salt water can fade your tan or cause streaks. Normal bathing and showering will not, as long as you wait at least 4 hours after tanning.

How do I prep my skin for a VersaSpa Tan?

We recommend you exfoliate and shave the day before your VersaSpa tanning session. The day of your visit, refrain from using lotions, perfumes, oils, or deodorants that may create a barrier between your skin and the VersaSpa solution. 

You must wait 4 hours after your spray tanning session before showering to give the DHA time to work. Waiting 8 hours is optimal.

Will it stain my clothing?

If you choose to add in an instant bronzer, you may see soe staining on the inside of your clothes, but this washes out easily in cold water. 

The DHA in the actual tanning solution may permanently stain undergarments worn in the spray booth. 

Have more questions about VersaSpa?

Want to know more about the process? Have questions about products or bronzer colors? Just call us at 678-838-1300 or visit the VersaSpa FAQ page.

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