High Pressure Bed

Ergoline 650: Extreme High Pressure tanning for the advanced tanner. Surpass that plateau and and achieve great results in 15 minutes.

Level 4 Bed

Ergoline 600: Level 4 tanning. Maintain that gorgeous sun kissed glow with this comfortable 12 minute bed. Includes enhanced tanning zones for the shoulders and face.

Level 3 Bed

StarPower 548: Level 3 tanning. Surround yourself with brilliant lamps to get a great 360-degree tan in 12 minutes. The built-in powerful fans keep you cool and comfortable. 

Level 2 Bed

Ergoline Ambition 300: This Level 2 tanning bed provides an incredibly consistent tan. The facial lamps and cleverly arranged body lamps give an all-over glow in just 20 minutes.

Stand Up Booth

Ergoline Sundash 252: Level 4 stand up tanning. Busy customer always prefer a stand-up unit. The big advantage of stand up tanning?  A beautifully even full body tan in 12 minutes with no tan lines or pressure points!

VersaSpa Tanning

VersaSpa Spray Tanning Booth - 90 seconds and you're done! Your tan will develop over the next 3 to 4 hours or you can add an instant bronzer for immediate results.