Healthy Skin is Happy Skin!

Tanning depletes your skin of valuable moisture, which can lead to wrinkling, lines, and flaking. Indoor tanning lotions that contain moisturizers, antioxidants, and vitamins will help prevent dry skin and wrinkles, protect the skin's cell structure, and maintain moisture balance.

Indoor Tanning lotions also contain ingredients that stimulate the production of melanin - the pink pigment found inside skin cells that oxidizes and turns brown in the presence of UV light. Specially formulated indoor tanning lotions help your tan last longer by retaining this UV-induced melanin. In other words - indoor tanning lotions provides a better, faster, and longer lasting results!

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HBT Lotions & Products


Also called Accelerators, intensifiers are great for the beginning tanner to see results faster or for experienced tanners who want a little boost. Plenty of moisturizers will help you tan faster and retain your tan longer.


Bronzers help enhance and darken your tan. When a lotion contains a cosmetic bronzer, it will immediately show color that will wash off in the shower. A DHA-based bronzer is time released and will gradually darken over several hours. DHA bronzers last longer and do not wash off in the shower.


Lotions that contain benzyl or methyl nicotinate are called "tingles" or "hot action lotion". They increase microcirculation and oxygenation of skin cells. They cause skin to redden and feel mildly to extremely hot because of the increased blood flow. These effects are temporary. Tingles are designed to help experienced tanners break through tanning plateaus

Other Lotions

At Hawaiian Beach Tan, we carry a wide variety of other lotions and moisturizers, with and without bronzers, to help you care for your skin at home between tanning sessions. Just ask a member of our staff to help find the perfect lotion for your skin type.


In addition to their spectacular line of spray tanning solutions, VersaSpa produces a luxurious line of skin care products designed to enhance and extend the life of your spray tan. HBT carries the full line of VersaSpa products, including Luminous Legs, a Bronzing Mist for touch ups, and the Gradual Tanning Facial Moisturizer (so good at reducing fine lines wrinkles, it's been called the new Botox!)    

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Eye Protection

We carry Wink-ese UV eye protection. They block all UVA and UVB light, but you can see through them! You can even use your phone while tanning! They are single use disposable eye covers that "stick on" with a gentle adhesive. It's the easiest and most cofortable way to protect your eyes while tanning.